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Awesome at the gym or home!

Absolutely love it! I love how you see what to do – it’s not hard to follow at all. Gym or at home is perfect! It makes you push yourself.

CairaLowery - Nov 9, 2022
Muscles I Haven't Worked in Years

I was a little skeptical of this app just because I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have followed Cara for years and saw how fit she was and so I thought I’d give it a shot. I had already been working out for a couple of years with a different program and was getting bored with the workouts. The first day with Burn App I was so sore _ I worked muscles I haven’t used at all with my other program. After one week I can already feel and tell a difference in my body. Excited to see what 8 weeks does!

Twilight26 - Mar 31, 2023
Excited to burn

So far using the burn app I’ve enjoyed the workouts. After a few days I feel stronger and accomplished. Excited to see results after using for a bit longer but the app is user friendly and quick and simple to picking a program for you and getting into the burn.

JMuscat12 - Apr 25, 2023
The best workout app ever!!!

I love the videos it uses for the exercises so you know exactly what you are supposed to do. I have used other apps, but this is my favorite by far.

KL Forest - Jan 6, 2023

A lot of other apps are complicated and feel overwhelming, but this app is helpful, resourceful, and motivating! So thankful to have something like this to keep me accountable to reach my goals!

JustineRey - Apr 19, 2023
The Best Workout!

The workouts are so fun but tough! I’m learning new exercises that I have never tried before! I love that you can see the workout in a short clip, it’s super helpful! Can’t wait to see the results!

JosReviews7 - Jan 30, 2023

The burn app is amazing! I love that it shows me the correct way to do the workouts and let’s me take as much time as I need to figure it out. The workouts are tough and I enjoy workout out with this app!

shepard dre - Nov 9, 2022
So worth it!

I tried the week subscription, I was hesitant on spending the money on monthly subscription. But, these workouts are totally worth it! Love that it counts the rest time for you and so many different workout types. I have really enjoyed the workouts. The only thing I would recommend is having a list/preview of workouts prior to starting so you could have equipment ready to go.

RosyLeeP - Jul 31, 2022
Keeps Me Going!

I have done so many programs and one thing I find the best about Burn is the self paced but visual checklist. The satisfaction of swiping is even more of boost to check each exercise off!

alwells16 - Nov 14, 2022
Love the burn!

I really enjoy the burn app! I think the program is well thought out and I enjoy the variety. I personally am okay with there being no sound. I often times like to vibe out to my own music and prefer no interruptions. I have noticed a solid difference in my body tone and am loving my results this far! I think Cara is the sweetest human and really appreciate her taking the time to create a program?app that is great for everyone!

annoyed venmo user - Jul 31, 2022
The Burn App

This app has literally saved my life! It is so simple to follow and makes it easy to stay focused and motivated! I have tried multiple apps and programs and this is the first one that I have stuck with and saw major results!! Cara is a miracle worker and I would highly recommend the Burn app to anyone!!

KrisVin7 - Jun 3, 2023
Definitely feeling the Burn

For someone who works out 6 days a week, my entire life…this is an awesome change from my current workouts. Love that I burnt 509 calories in 1:05 mins on the Lower Body work.

Essential Elements - Apr 19, 2023
Easy and convenient

This has been hands down the most convenient workout app for me. We live a very hectic and busy lifestyle and working out has always been put on the back burner. I love that these workouts are short and sweet and show you exactly what to do. I’ve struggled in the past with going to the gym because I never know what I should do or where to even begin.

Shelby249 - Mar 22, 2023
Got me feeling like my old self!

I was a college athlete and have stayed active since I graduated (10 years ago! Ah!) but it has been a long time since I have found a workout that makes me feel like myself and you’ve done it! Feeling strong, energized and proud of my body! Thank you!

Hillmattie - Mar 30, 2023
More things I love than don't!

I have tried a lot of workout apps/platforms recently in the search for one that I really liked and felt like I could get good results with. This has been perfect for me so far! What I love MOST is that the workouts are done with minimal equipment—dumbbells, a bench, and bands. I don’t even have an actual bench yet, but have been making it work with a sturdy bucket in my husband’s shop 😂 I’m a stay at home momma, so I workout at home either early in the morning or during naps, which is why I love the design of the program! The workouts take me 45 minutes-an hour, and I personally like that there is no sound on the app 🤷‍♀️ I don’t like the pressure of “keeping up” with a coach or whatever. I can move at my own pace, but I am still getting a gooood sweat and calorie burn!

ashlidaniel - Mar 10, 2023
Love it!

I started following Cara Loren on Instagram and really loved her content and how she was training! I was using another workout PowerHer for and was very unhappy with the user friendly of the app and website. I also felt the people of Powherfit weren’t as real and relatable as Cara was! I’ve been using the Burn app for a week now and I’m loving it! The app is so user friendly and the community seems to be real and genuine and supportive of everyone in it! Highly recommend this app!” – Cspearfl, app store review, Feb 21 2023
“Simple to use, killer workouts – simple to the point! Just what I was looking for! Takes the guess work out of a workout routine and I love that there is no sound so I can play my own playlist! Highly recommend!!!!

D3n1s3P - Feb 8, 2023
Loving this App!

I started following Cara Loren on Instagram and really loved her content and how she was training! I was using another workout PowerHer for and was very unhappy wth the user friendly of the app and website. I also felt the people of PowHerFit weren’t as real and relatable as Cara was!  I’ve been using the Burn app for a week now and I’m loving it! The app is so user friendly and the the community seems to be real and genuine and supportive of everyone in it! Highly recommend this app!

Cspearfl - Feb 21, 2023
Great for New Mamas

I recently switched my daily workout to follow Cara Loren’s method on The Burn App and I am so happy with the switch. Initially, I started Burn because I found out I was pregnant and I knew that Cara had workouts to accommodate pregnancy. Most workouts I’ve come across to accommodate pregnancy are, for lack of better words, pathetic. Thank goodness for Cara & the Burn app because I finally feel like I can workout at a challenging enough level to my skills while also having the peace of mind that the moves I am doing are not harmful to the baby in any way. Some of these workouts are Harder than the Non-pregnancy workouts!

ScorpiogalAAA - Oct 26, 2022
OBSESSED would be an understatement

Love everything about it. I’ve never seen an app like this one. The way the workouts are, are perfect. I love the cardio in the muscle focused days then the hiit days too are perfection. It’s challenging and you won’t ever be bored. I love that it’s so easy to follow and can’t wait to look like cara. If you do this app, you will feel amazing and will see why cara looks as good as she does hahaha- anyway love feeling the burn everyday! 🤍🤍🔥

beccajack43 - Jul 31, 2022
I love love love the burn app

This app has changed not only my physical well being but also my mental. I used to go to the gym and not know what to do but this app kicks me a**!! I leave the gym with sweat dripping down my face. I used to dread going to the gym but now I look forward to It. Cara is a beast!

Kayprops - Jul 31, 2022

I have tried a few workout apps and this is by far my favorite! I can easily do them at home which is perfect for me. Other apps that say you can do them at home haven’t pushed me as much as I would like. I sweat like crazy EVERY single workout. My husband even tried a workout with me and he said he was dying. I am on week 3 and look forward to my workout every day!

Toribwatkins - Jul 25, 2022

I just want to let you know that I went from paying $2500 a month for a personal trainer to this and I have more muscle and look better than ever! Thank you. Obsessed with the heavy weights they are pushing me and i’m slowly working up to the suggested weight! I have been waiting for you to make this for like 10 years! THANK YOU!


Just did my first workout and it was amazing!! With 5 little kids, it’s been really hard to find time to work out, but the Burn App kicked my butt today in the best way!!! Love it and will recommend it to everyone!


Literally the best workout app/program i’ve tried!! Just started week 4 & feeling stronger already!


Thanks to the excellent precise training expert Cara Loren, holds the highest quality of all work outs ever out there! Get serious about your health and engage your workouts with Cara. It’s worth every breakthrough your body can excel at! I love it!! I look forward to every workout!! I’m 53, I’m building my youthful body back. Thank you, Cara Loren.

frankie the railfan - Jun 10, 2023