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Summer is almost here, babes, and if you’re aiming to sculpt that booty before the sun shines, now’s the time to kick things into gear! ☀️🔥
The Burn App offers a variety of programs and mini workouts tailored for glute muscle growth, but don’t miss adding these three exercises to your routine too. 
You’ve got this, babes – here’s to a happy 🍑 season! 😜
No matter your fitness goal, always keep the bigger picture in mind. The strength you're cultivating in the gym isn't just for lifting weights – it's for tackling life's heaviest moments, from moving furniture to carrying your little ones (who may complain one day, but not today! 🤣). Keep this in mind: Strong in the gym, unstoppable in life. 💪🌟
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Here’s the lowdown - each partner will complete 10 reps of each exercise below👇Repeat the circuit 3x through to light up your core and get in a solid workout. 
▫️Med Ball Hand-Off w/ Russian Twist 
▫️Med Ball Sit-up w/ Hand-Off (make sure to interlock those feet!) 
▫️Circling V-Ups 🫠
▫️Plank-Ups w/ a High Five 👏
This is SO much fun and is a great way to work your core strategically. Save this post and send to the friend you want to try it with! 👯‍♀️💕
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If you want to build muscle, lose fat and achieve that “toned” look, you HAVE to train strategically. 
I get it - jumping with bungee cables looks way more fun than being in the gym.
But if you want to actually transform your body and finally reach your fitness goals, start making the most out of your workouts with a fitness program based on progressive overload. 
Each of our 8 Burn App programs are based on this concept, while also adding “fun” and variety into your routine through our distinctive levels feature. 
If you’re ready to get serious about your results, download the burn app today. Get 3 months for the price of 2 with the code SPRINGSALE.
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